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International Standards & drive for continuous improvement


Our inspection department is fully air conditioned and has five coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Two are Gleason gear analysers and three are primarily for prismatic components. Conformity is achieved on the workshop floor through the use of micrometres, gauges and special instruments to aid the setting and monitoring of machining processes. Due to the specialist nature of our business, Newmont has numerous master gears, thread gauges and spline gauges.

Our Principal Equipment for Precision Components' Inspection Includes

Gear & Spline Measuring Equipment
Gleason 300GMS CNC Gear Analyzer
Gleason MicroTop CNC Gear Measuring Machine
Dual Flank Gear Testers (18 off)
Multi Meter Recorder (Talyrond Format)
Over 100 Master Gears
Master Worms
CMMs & Measuring Machines
CMM Aberlink Axiom CNC 604 x 1130
CMM MicroVu Optical and Probe CNC Measuring Machine
CMM Brown & Sharpe Validator
Geometric Properties - Societe Genevoise MU214B
Pitch Checking - Societe Genevoise MUL250
Precihite 600 Height Gauge
Hardness Testing
Mitutoyo Projector PJ-A 3000 with QM Data 200 (3 off)
Societe Genevoise AP6 x10, x20, x50
Surface Finish Measurement
Societe Genevoise AP6 x10, x20, x50
Surface Finish Measurement
Societe Genevoise AP6 x10, x20, x50
Rank Taylor Hobson Surtronic
Surtronic 25


Due to the sheer volume of calibration equipment, we have a formal calibration system. Most of the small instruments are calibrated in house while larger instruments, gauge blocks and CMMs are calibrated by approved external contractors.

Additional Instruments include

Comparators Sigma 'Metric and Imperial'
LK Height Check (2 off)
Height Gauges
Floating Carriage Micrometers with comprehensive range of cylinders
Digital Callipers
Comprehensive range of Metric and Imperial External Micrometers
Comprehensive range of Metric and Imperial Bore Micrometers
Plain Plug Gauges
Screw Plug Gauges
Slip Gauges Various sets - Metric and Imperial
Digital Thermometer HAZ20
Frenco Height Setting Micrometer
Mitutoyo Height Setting Micrometer
Mitutoyo Bench Micrometers
Comprehensive range of ring and plug
Spline Gauges
Various Dial Gauges

See our BSI Certificate and Customer approvals below, click to view or download a PDF copy.