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Ensuring a perfect finish on Gear, Spline and Hydraulic components


Apart from gear, spline and hydraulic component finishing our deburring services Include vapour blasting, vibratory finishing & hand finishing techniques.

Deburring is an operation often overlooked as an unwanted, costly and unimportant procedure. In precision engineering this is definitely not the case as the smallest shard of debris can cause a catastrophic failure of a gear box or hydraulic system.  The acronym FOD stands for Foreign Object Damage or Foreign Object Debris. Many standards like National Aerospace Standard NAS-412 give details of how to avoid FOD.

The importance of deburring gears, splines, hydraulic and actuation parts cannot be over stated. Where possible burrs are removed as part of the machining operation. However the specialist services of our deburring department are often required. It is essential to choose the correct deburring process to suit the type of burr and base material.

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